Wiggins Island Rail

Wiggins Island Rail

Client | Aurizon
Location | Brisbane and Central Queensland
Role | Commercial Manager

Aurizon’s rail infrastructure is a key component of the coal supply chain, linking more than 55 mines to ports on the Queensland coast. Together with Aurizon’s rail network, the Port of Gladstone’s RG Tanna and Barney Point coal export terminals currently service mines in the southern Bowen Basin and Surat Basin regions.

Existing port terminals cannot be expanded due to physical constraints. To support planned growth, the region’s mining companies are developing a new coal export terminal at the Port of Gladstone – Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET). WICET is being developed by a consortium of 16 coal companies and is planned to have an ultimate capacity of 140Mtpa.

In conjunction with the development of the WICET and the need to increase rail capacity to meet the growing demand for coal transport from mine to ship, Aurizon will deliver a series of capacity building projects to link mines to the new coal export terminal.

Aurizon’s rail expansion program will accommodate the expected tonnage increase, including a number of interdependent sub-projects spread across the Blackwater/Moura coal systems. In September 2011, the Wiggins Island Rail Project (WIRP) passed through sanction and is now being executed under the WIRP Deed.

Scope of Work

  • Management of the commercial team including contracts and procurement, project controls, change management, risk management and document control systems
  • Development and delivery of procurement strategy involving both internal (Aurizon) and external contractors
  • Procurement and delivery of civil works, trackworks, signalling and overhead works using various forms of contracts including bespoke internal agreements, construct only, bespoke design and construct and alliance type arrangements
  • Providing leadership through membership of the project leadership group for all major works
  • Management of key stakeholders including all of the coal customers with their varying needs/requirements

Key Achievements

  • Successful procurement and execution of major works on program and below overall project budget
  • Successful delivery of all Milestone 1 activities by 31 March 2015 with Milestone 2 ahead of program and due for completion on 31 December 2015
  • Successful drafting, agreement and delivery of a bespoke ‘Internal Services Agreement’ for Aurizon rail systems
  • Successful resolution of a multi-million dollar insurance claim as a result of ex-tropical Cyclone Ostwald in 2013