Sydney’s Pinch Point Program

Sydney’s Pinch Point Program

Client | NSW Road & Maritime Services
Location | Sydney, New South Wales
Role | Business Case Advisor, Economic and Financial Advisor

The Pinch Point Program is a key part of the NSW Government’s proposed Easing Sydney’s Congestion Program, which will aim to improve the management of Sydney’s road network.

The project is a rolling program targeting peak hour traffic hotspots on Sydney’s arterial road network since 2007, aimed at treating bottlenecks or “pinch points” on 43 of Sydney’s busiest arterial roads through low cost, well targeted initiatives to quickly improve operational efficiency.

These pinch points are intersections or sections of road where traffic flows may be impacted by short turn bays, narrowing roads, on-road parking and heavily used roundabouts.  Where capacity at these points is insufficient, localised congestion can cause queuing and potentially propagate delays across the broader network.

Corview led the development of the final business case for the program to secure additional funding of A$400 million from the Rebuilding NSW Fund. The development of the program’s final business case involved collating inputs from a diverse range of stakeholders to document the program’s current status and outline the program’s future path.

Corview had a pivotal role in articulating the pinch point prioritisation framework to take advantage of emerging congestion data collection and analysis techniques being developed by RMS as well as developing the funding profile and associated change management requirements.  The development of the Final Business Case also involved the undertaking of economic modelling of pinch point infrastructure treatments drawing upon SIDRA traffic modelling outputs, clearways, CCTV and VMS treatments.

Corview was further engaged to develop a centralised database for the program.  This involved extensive consultation with stakeholders, clarifying information requirements and deploying a state-of-the-art, user-friendly database.

Scope of Work

  • Final business case development
  • Economic and financial appraisals
  • Infrastructure Australia submission
  • Pinch Point initiative database refinement

Key Achievements

  • Key contribution into further progressing the Easing Sydney’s Congestion Program
  • Formalisation of key governance arrangements for the first time since the program’s inception in 2007