Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System

Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System

Client | NSW Road & Maritime Services
Location | Sydney, New South Wales
Role | Business Case Advisor, Economic Advisor

The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) Congestion Improvement Program is a proposed program of works aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the SCATS.  The program, if realised in full, would increase the already significant levels of network optimisation and prioritisation provided by the SCATS, already providing significant economic benefits daily.  The program would:

  • Further improve the optimisation of traffic signals
  • Enhance the capabilities of the SCATS to prioritise higher value road users
  • Provide the ability to prioritise pedestrian movements in high activity areas
  • Increase the range of real time information provided by the SCATS
  • Ready the SCATS for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

Corview was commissioned to prepare the strategic business case to secure the funding from the Rebuilding NSW fund.

Our work involved embedding our team with the NSW Roads & Maritime Service’s (RMS) Road Network Operations team, who lead the development of the SCATS platform, to interpret their technical requirements and analysis for broader dissemination.

Scope of Work

  • Strategic business case
  • Economic and financial appraisals

Key Achievements

  • The establishment of governance, evaluation and change management tools developed in consultation with the RMS team to investigate the necessary changes to facilitate a switch from ‘care and maintenance’ activities for the SCATS to ‘growth’ and potential commercialisation activities
  • Reassessment and enhancement of the economic benefits delivered by the SCATS