South East Queensland Stabling

South East Queensland Stabling

Client | Queensland Rail Limited
Location | Queensland
Role | Transaction Manager, Commercial Advisor

The project involves the development of a number of additional rail stabling facilities to accommodate the expansion of the rollingstock fleet and strategically prepare for projected future growth of the South East Queensland (SEQ) rail network.

Once the business case was completed in late 2013 with key input from Corview, the transaction phase commenced, for the Design and Construction (D&C) of four stabling facilities across SEQ.

Scope of Work

  • Provided strategic advice to the project team in relation to stabling site selection, business case justification and transaction phase planning
  • Performed a delivery options analysis to assess the best value-for-money procurement and contracting method
  • Performed a risk assessment on the proposed procurement option on a per site basis
  • Developed a commercial term sheet for the preferred procurement option to form the basis of the commercial terms for the transaction
  • Developed a market sounding strategy to further inform the transaction process and managed the market sounding process
  • Further developed project-specific commercial terms and guidelines for the project (e.g. additional risk workshops, procedures for requesting Schedule Corridor Access Shutdowns (SCAS), performance, payment and penalty regime, etc) building on the commercial term sheet
  • Management of all aspects of the transaction process
  • Drafting of all Expression of Interest (EOI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation
  • Commercial advisor for the delivery phase

Key Achievements

  • Through development of the Corview fleet model the number of stabling sites required were defined
  • Bringing together the requirements of two government agencies, Corview was able to develop a procurement options selection methodology that reduced the number of procurement options from six to one to the satisfaction of both stakeholders
  • Through the performance of the market sounding and drafting of the EOI & RFP documents by Corview, market interest in the project was stimulated and credibility established by meeting timelines indicated
  • The D&C contract was awarded on schedule with a high degree of satisfaction expressed by Queensland Rail