European Train Contol System – Inner City

European Train Contol System – Inner City

Client | Queensland Government
Location | Brisbane, Queensland
Role | Business Case Management, Strategic Project Evaluation Advice, Strategic Transaction Advice

European Train Control System Level 2 (ETCS L2) is an in-cab signalling system that provides train on train collision and over-speed derailment protection.  The ETCS – Inner City Project will deliver the ETCS L2 across the inner city rail network between Northgate and Milton stations to deliver an Automatic Train Protection system that replaces lineside signals enabling trains to safely travel closer together.

From 2021, the ETCS – Inner City project will increase the capacity of the inner city network by 20 per cent, as well as improve the safety of the inner city rail network and deliver enhanced operational efficiencies for Queensland Rail.

Corview was initially engaged to provide strategic and project evaluation advice through the project’s pre-feasibility phase.  Corview’s role was extended to manage the development of the Cross River Rail Options Report, which included preliminary assessment of ETCS – Inner City, under the State’s Project Assessment Framework.

Corview continued this role through the detailed business case phase where we managed the development of the business case for Building Queensland.  Corview also provided strategic transaction advice to Queensland Rail to inform development of the project implementation plan, as well as assisting planning for the transaction phase.

Scope of Work

  • Project initiation and scoping – determine requirements, develop business case document structure and lead project planning meetings
  • Project management – develop and manage project schedule and coordinate weekly team meetings
  • Strategic evaluation support – assist with key messaging and themes and develop and maintain the strategic risk and opportunities register
  • Document development – develop document outlines, document drafting, management of deliverables and quality assurance activities
  • Coordination and management of inputs from a multi-disciplinary project team – including directing and working with financial and commercial advisors, transport planners, signalling engineers, economists and train system operations
  • Strategic transaction advice – provide input into transaction planning processes and development of the project implementation plan
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Business case development and management

Key Achievements

  • Successful completion of the first business case for Building Queensland
  • Business case led to full funding commitment from the Queensland Government
  • Challenging project timeframes – the business case document was completed within three months
  • The analysis withstood significant scrutiny, particularly from the newly formed Building Queensland Board which features heavy representation from private sector professionals
  • Transaction planning advice allowed for seamless transition from business case to transaction phase for Queensland Rail