Tony Costantini


Tony has extensive experience in transaction management, feasibility assessment, executive management, strategic planning, project management, and business development and improvement.

Tony has developed and applied infrastructure feasibility frameworks and procurement methodologies in both State and local Governments and utilities.  He has provided transaction advice in major infrastructure programme acquisitions.

Tony has significant PPP experience and was the original Director of the SEQ Schools PPP, guiding the project through the preliminary assessment, business case and specification build stages of the PPP framework. He also provided transactional and policy advice for the binding bid and contract negotiation stages of the Southbank TAFE Upgrade PPP, and supported development of the then Queensland PPP framework, including providing support to Agencies in using the process.

Most recently, Tony was the Transaction Manager and Project Director for the Sydney Metro Northwest (SMNW) Electricity & Offset Procurement Project, where he led market sounding, development of procurement documentation, coordinated development of Request for Proposals (RFP) documentation, the RFP process, interactive proponent engagement and development of the negotiation strategy.

Tony has held executive management positions within the Government, Government Trading Enterprise and Not-for-Profit sectors where he has led procurement, business services, change business strategy, business development and business improvement.

He is an analytical thinker with strong strategic, policy, financial and people skills, and a passion for leadership, learning and workforce development.


Areas of Expertise

  • Project planning, feasibility assessment and business case development
  • Business strategy
  • Business improvement
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Commercial risk analysis and management
  • Project direction

Project Experience

Tony’s infrastructure experience has been demonstrated on key projects such as:

  • Water Utility Infrastructure Planning – Queensland Urban Utilities, Logan Water and Unity Water
  • New Schools Public Private Partnership (PPP) – Queensland Department of Education
  • Southbank TAFE Upgrade (PPP) – Queensland Department of Education
  • Gateway Upgrade – Queensland Treasury
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital – Queensland Treasury
  • Boggo Road EcoScience Precinct Redevelopment – Queensland Treasury
  • Total Asset Management systems – Forestry Plantations Queensland
  • Leadership of a project management company – SEQC Services Pty Ltd

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