Sheldon Sherman


Sheldon has extensive experience in the infrastructure marketplace providing strategic, business case and transaction advisory services for infrastructure projects for public and private sector clients throughout the world.

Several of these transactions have been flagship, signature transport infrastructure projects on a global scale. These include High Speed 1 (London, UK) and the Second Avenue Subway (New York, USA). Sheldon has a unique in-depth appreciation of and experience in major infrastructure transactions, from business case, and through all aspects of procurement to execution, and delivery.

Sheldon is an expert in the transaction strategy and transaction management area, having designed numerous transaction strategies for major projects, most recently including Cross River Rail and ETCS Inner City in Queensland, Australia.  Transaction strategies have been designed for many different bespoke procurement objectives, timeframes and under the full spectrum of delivery models. These have included facilitation of ROI, EOI, RFP, closing processes, direct negotiation, full and limited competitive processes, design of documentation and roadmaps to manage processes, oversight and facilitation of all procurement phases, including market preparation and readiness, bidding, evaluation, negotiation and documentation.

He has an impressive track record in providing transaction, risk and commercial advisory services on major projects and is internationally recognised as an expert in the area of quantitative risk analysis and its commercial applications.

In addition to his extensive global experience, Sheldon has provided key leadership and advisory roles on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. He is a market leader and continues to deliver outstanding strategic commercial solutions for major public and private projects.


Areas of Expertise

  • Market analysis
  • Infrastructure transaction management
  • Infrastructure project financing structures
  • Risk analysis, structuring and advisory services
  • Commercial risk and allocation
  • Project delivery models
  • Business case development


Project Experience

Sheldon’s experience has been demonstrated on key projects such as:

  • Cross River Rail – Queensland Government
  • Inland Rail – Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • New Intercity Fleet – Transport for New South Wales
  • High Speed 1 – London and Continental Railways
  • Second Avenue Subway – New York City Transit
  • Tangara Technology Upgrade – Transport for New South Wales
  • Sydney Growth Trains – Transport for New South Wales
  • Automatic Train Protection Program – Transport for New South Wales
  • Sydney Metro City & South West – Transport for New South Wales
  • Smart Motorways – Roads & Maritime Services
  • New Generation Rolling Stock – Queensland Government
  • Outer Network Stabling – Queensland Government
  • Legacy Way – Brisbane City Council
  • Go Between Bridge – Brisbane City Council
  • Port of Brisbane Motorway Upgrade – Queensland Government
  • Airport Link – City North Infrastructure
  • Clem 7 Tunnel – Brisbane City Council


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