Lee Jollow


Lee is an infrastructure business case manager and transport economist with more than ten years’ experience using economic analysis techniques to assist government make policy and funding decisions, or to help the private sector implement or respond to government policies.

Lee has managed and provided technical inputs to business cases for more than 40 large-scale infrastructure projects, including the Sydney Metro West, Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 and Central Station Walk Final Business Cases. He has also been a reviewer of business case and economic appraisal submissions to infrastructure Australia since its inception in 2008, including leading the reviews of the Western Sydney Airport, Metronet and AdeLink business cases.

Lee is a skilled economist with expertise in the of economic analysis tools to support decision making including cost benefit analysis, wider economic benefits, and land use and urban renewal benefits. Lee managed the economic appraisal for Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 Final Business Case and has also led the economic modelling for the Western Distributor, Inland Rail and East West Link business cases.

Lee also has broader infrastructure and economic experience across a range of sectors including health, energy and the environment.


Areas of Expertise

  • Business case and funding submission development
  • Transport and infrastructure economics
  • Cost Benefit Analysis modelling (including Wider Economic Benefits)
  • Computable General Equilibrium modelling of economic impacts
  • Infrastructure prioritisation frameworks
  • Environmental economics
  • Regulatory impact statements
  • Business case management and review
  • Transport, land use and urban renewal economics
  • Economic appraisal and modelling (cost benefit analysis, wider economic benefits and economic impacts)
  • Infrastructure prioritisation frameworks and strategic options assessment
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Health, energy and environmental economics and regulation


Project Experience

Lee’s experience has been demonstrated on key projects such as:

  • Sydney Metro West Final Business Case Manager 1 – Transport for NSW
  • Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 Final Business Case Manager – Transport for NSW
  • Central Station Footprint Final Business Case Economics Manager – Transport for NSW
  • New Intercity Fleet Contract Award Business Case – Transport for NSW
  • Financial Analysis of Alternative New Intercity Fleet Crewing Strategies – Transport for NSW
  • Review Western Sydney Airport, Metronet and Adelink Final Business Cases – Infrastructure Australia
  • Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Economic Appraisal and Final Business Case – Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • Western Distributor Road Tunnel Economic Appraisal and Final Business Case – Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Burwood to Sydney CBD On-Road Rapid Transit Economic Appraisal and Strategic Business Case
  • East West Link Stage 1 Economic Appraisal and Final Business Case – Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
  • NSW Interchange Upgrade Program Economic appraisal – Transport for NSW
  • NSW Long Term Rail Strategy Economic appraisal – Transport for NSW.


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