Brendan Leary

Director and Economics Lead

Brendan Leary is a recognised expert in public economics and policy having extensive experience working across the New South Wales Government.

Prior to joining Corview, Brendan concurrently held the roles of Executive Director, Economics & Planning at Infrastructure NSW and Acting Deputy Secretary, Transport, Infrastructure and Planning Division and Centre for Excellence at NSW Treasury.

In these roles, Brendan contributed to the development of Infrastructure NSW’s advice to Government informing NSW’s 2014 State Infrastructure Strategy.  Brendan also administered the $30 billion Restart NSW Fund investment program, which invests the proceeds of ‘asset recycling’ and windfall tax revenues into infrastructure to improve NSW’s economic growth and productivity.

Having worked in senior roles at the centre of Government for many years, Brendan has contributed to the development and assessment of many major projects and policy proposals. Brendan was closely involved in the development of the WestConnex and Sydney Metro projects, and led the development of a range of adopted policies, like value capture, successful tax reforms, growth infrastructure funding requirements and urban renewal assessment guidelines.

Brendan is from regional NSW, and has a deep understanding of the drivers of economic development.  He worked on numerous projects directly relevant to regional development, including investment attraction, regional transport, mining development and taxation, industry deregulation, rural water markets, tourism and served on the interdepartmental group reviewing the strategies for the regions of NSW.


Areas of Expertise

  • Economic analysis
  • Economic development
  • Strategic planning
  • Major project development and assessment
  • Policy development
  • Cabinet, Budget, business case & assurance processes
  • Industry & regulatory assessment

Policy and Project Experience

Brendan’s experience has been demonstrated in key policy areas and projects such as:

  • WestConnex
  • Sydney Metro
  • $30 billion Restart NSW Fund Investment Program
  • Urban Renewal Economic Framework
  • Value Capture Policy Development
  • Growth Infrastructure Funding Framework
  • Competition Reviews and Regulatory Impact Statements
  • State Economic Development Strategy
  • Investment Attraction Assessment Framework